Sexting Laws

by admin on September 16, 2010

There is a worthwhile discussion with some law professors about sexting laws in a podcast here.

today’s pornography laws are a trap for unwary teens and operate, in effect, to criminalize a large fraction of America’s young people”

This is absolutely true. Most state laws still classify teenagers sending sexually suggestive or explicit photos of themselves as trafficking in child pornography. Teenagers can be prosecuted for felony sex offenses and end up as registered sex offenders for life.
State laws have not caught up with the implications of every teen having a camera phone, and normal adolescent behavior of discovering and exploring sexuality. But teens shouldn’t have their lives ruined for doing something stupid, but ultimately harmless. Sexting laws reform is desperately needed nationwide.
That isn’t to say that legitimate exploitation isn’t possible under situations where kids are coerced, or adults are involved. But judgement has to be applied where felony offenses are clearly not warranted.

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