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As a lawyer trying to bring in more clients, your primary business focus should be making your law firm profitable. Your website and internet marketing should be a key element in achieving that goal. And you know that you need web traffic, and you’ve read that “Search Engine Optimization” is a technique to help your web site get found in the search engines.

Any specific search engine optimization techniques we may employ on your site probably aren’t important to you, and they shouldn’t be. You care about more people finding out about you legal services and contacting you, and ultimately more clients for your firm is the bottom line.

But you do need to be confident that any SEO techniques are legitimate, and not “spammy”. You don’t want to annoy your potential customers, or worse, get your website banned from the search engines for using unscrupulous techniques to cheat or otherwise game the system.

The search engines are explicit in their goals to provide quality content to their searchers. So the number one priority is to make your site relevant, targeted to your legal niche, so they search engines can understand that you have a quality site, and will rank it appropriately.

Measure What is Important

Many SEO firms target lawyers, since inquiries about attorney services are considered very valuable leads.

But they often measure things that are ultimately not important or meaningful to your business. Many firms will tout that they can get you top ten or “page one rankings” for “hundreds of keywords”. But the big question is, what are those keywords and do they actually have any value to your business? If those keywords don’t bring any traffic because no one actually searches for it, then it is not helpful.

One common scam is that SEO firms will tout impressive results for keyword combos that include your name or the name of your law firm. This is a meaningless success, since it’s unlikely that your name is a competitive keyword, and the point of most SEO is to help people find you who don’t already know who you are.

We measure and track our results in a way that is meaningful to you. We’ll show you in exact numbers how much your search engine traffic for your important business keywords has increased month over month. It should also clearly show itself in more phone calls you receive, and ultimately, conversions to customers.

Honest Efforts & Techniques that Search Engines Respect

We believe the window for pure SEO without a marketing and content strategy is shrinking. Search engines are getting smarter, and won’t fall for SEO “tricks” and nothing more. Our goal is to create the most comprehensive sites that fulfill the needs of the consumer as well as your marketing needs, of course. We work to get top rankings by making the best sites with the best content!

In any case, some of the specific services & techniques we employ are as follows:

  • Keyword Research & Analysis – What are the most relevant terms that your potential clients are searching with? What are the secondary terms? Are the top terms highly competitive in the search engines, but the 2nd tier terms are much easier? Before we touch a page on the site, we need to know exactly where to target our efforts.

  • Title Tag Optimization – The title tag is the information that displays in the top browser bar to describe the page. It is the most important on-page factor in Search Engine Optimization. Every page should have a unique title tag that is focused on the most important and relevant keywords and phrases on a given page.

  • Unique On-page Keyword Phrases – In addition to a tightly focused title tag, each page should have the important keyword phrase or phrases used in the text and the headers of the page.

  • Duplicate Content Analysis & Correction – In cases where duplicated content from other sites is negatively affecting your rankings, we will customize and edit your page to be unique to the search engine indexes.

  • Link Building – Links are one of the most critical areas of Search Engine Optimization. A link is like a vote for which is the most important site on a given topic. The keys to good links are what the links say about your site (the link text) and who the link is from. A better or more important site provides a better link. We will campaign to add many new links to your site.

  • Internal Links – Links on your own site navigation pages (or “internal” links) are just as important as links from other sites, and much more controllable. Menu links used for site navigation should contain important keywords and key phrases.

    Additionally, we can provide:

  • Monthly Status Reports – We will track improvements in search engine traffic volume and overall rankings changes, so you can easily quantify the results. We analyze Google, Yahoo, Bing, &, which covers over 90% of search engine traffic.

  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management – If you have an existing Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter (formerly Yahoo Search Services) campaign, we will analyze & manage it for you. We continuously test and improve ads to obtain the highest click-through rates. And our keyword analysis will identify any additional keyword phrases that can bring extra traffic inexpensively. If you do not have an existing campaign, we will create one for you. You will cover the cost of the ads themselves for whatever amount you wish to spend per month. We believe a strong pay-per-click advertising campaign is an extremely economical way to gain additional clients.

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