Question of the Week – One Site or Two Sites?

by admin on June 17, 2010

Suppose that your law firm handles a couple of different types of law clients, let’s say criminal law and medical malpractice/personal injury law, for example.

CrossRoad - Responsive WordPress Magazine / BlogShould you have two distinct web sites for each type of client, or just one site to represent all the services of your law firm?

The answer depends on the goals and priorities of your internet marketing efforts.

Reasons to Build Multiple Legal Sites

  • You have a lot of good quality, unique content to provide. (At least 10-20 pages per site for each legal specialty).
  • You are targeting traffic with across a specific subject matter area, possibly with a regional keyword element (aka “Kansas City criminal defense lawyer”)
  • You are prepared to write regular blog posts for both sites.
If you are serious about efforts to generate leads and new business for your law firm, for multiple areas of the law with unrelated target clients, then building sites specific to each practice area is the way to go.
The search engines will give more respect to a site that has a solid breadth of content on a specific subject matter.

Reasons to Build a Single Legal Web Site

  • Branding Is a Priority (aka “”)
  • You don’t have a lot of detailed information to provide on your site.
  • You may not be updated or adding to it frequently.
If your law firm brand has a lot of value to you (maybe you do a lot of local advertising, or are well known in your community) than it may make sense for you to focus on a single site centered around your brand.
Or if you only have the time or budget for a limited site, you are probably better off going with a single site also.
(And yes, I do get questions nearly every week. It’s just that I rarely answer them, in blog form at least.)

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