Pay Per Click (PPC)

Buying search engine advertising on a pay per click basis makes sense for most people, even if you are well ranked for many terms.

  • Google Adwords – Google┬áis the largest and best known of the providers of pay per click search engine advertising. Their reach is something on the order of 2/3s of all internet searches.

  • Microsoft adCenter – Their own PPC for the Bing search engine (formerly MSN / Live Search). Now the PPC platform for Yahoo as Bing results are in the Yahoo! search engine.

  • Facebook – Facebook is a legitimate place to make money with Pay Per Click Ads. You can target by demographic and interests better than almost any other spot. But it is not a search engine, and people arent’ “looking” for goods and services. So ads have to stand out, and be targetted differently

Pay Per Click can be an excellent and economical way to generate traffic for your web site, but done poorly it can easily be a huge waste of money.

6 Common PPC Mistakes

Write poor ads that won’t convert – Ads have to be compelling and offer a benefit or a solution to the searcher.

Poorly targeted ads – Are your ads focused on the right keywords?

Poorly matched ads – Do your ads have the search keywords embedded in the ad copy?

Poor Landing Pages – If you get a click through, does your landing page fulfill the promise offered by your ad? If not, the person will just back up and you’ve wasted your money.

Buying Content Match ads – For most people, ads on other 3rd party web sites are a poor investment, unless you have a compelling product or message with general interest, and are carefully measuring the results.

Overspending on just a few hyper-competitive keywords – Many times the most obviously sought after and highly competitive keywords are bid up so high that it is extremely difficult to get an ROI on your ad buy, even if you are successful. Sometimes you need to walk away and dig deeper into more detailed 4 and 5 word keyword combinations.

Need for PPC Campaign Management?

Contact Us for details. We usually only do Pay Per Click Campaign management as part of our clients overall marketing and SEO or lead generation campaign.

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