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by admin on September 24, 2005

Massachusetts DUI Attorney Russell Matson comments on the proposed changes to drunk driving laws.

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Dave Matson is the owner and operator of High Steppin' Searches. Dave Matson on g+

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Albany Lawyer October 28, 2005 at 8:28 am

I like your comments about lawyers and SEO issues. I have been working very hard on my Albany Lawyer site, along with subsites on topics like DUI.

I find a lot of lawyer websites ignore even the most basic approach to SEO. A lot of times they just want a site that looks professional. Some want a site that gets them business, but they have to hire someone to do that for them.

And dependence on that person can be troublesome. They either don’t know enough about what legal clients are looking for, or they don’t understand the long tail concept, or they just don’t work that hard because the lawyer they’re working for doesn’t know enough to challenge them anyway.

There seems to be few out there like you.

Albany Lawyer Warren Redlich


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