Generating Criminal Defense Client Leads for Lawyers

Lawyers need clients. The two ways people find lawyers are through referrals/word of mouth, and marketing/advertising. If you get all the clients you want from referrals, then you don’t need to advertise.

For everyone else, you need to advertise and market yourself and your firm. You have a website, you buy local advertising, yellow pages ads, and you are networking as much as possible to get your name out there. But you still may not be bringing in the revenue you’d like.

How Does Lead Generation Work?

Lead Generation is pure “pay for performance”, a simple business transaction. You can carefully evaluate the ROI (Return on Investment) on the leads you are getting from any given source. As long as you don’t get locked in to a long term commitment for a service that doesn’t convert to clients, you can measure how many clients you are I signing up, and for what average fee, and exactly what those leads cost you.

Does Buying Criminal Defense Leads Make Sense for My Law Firm?

Yes, if you can convert them to clients, and make money, than it makes sense to get additional client inquiries, aka leads.

We specialize in getting business for criminal defense lawyers through the marketing of leads – direct client inquires targeted to your state and your area.

Here are a couple of scenarios where buying leads may be the right business opportunity for you:

1 – The Newly Independent Defense Attorney

You are probably a former public defender, and may still do court appointed work. Or maybe you are a former prosecutor who recently put out a shingle. You are smart and skilled, and looking to build a practice from the ground up.

The Problem

It is difficult to start a new practice as a relatively unknown lawyer. You probably have a website, but it isn’t bringing you any business. Most advertising options (yellow pages ad, online ads) are expensive, don’t guarantee results, and require long term commitments.

The Solution

Buying criminal defense leads on a month to month basis means you aren’t locked in to any expensive plan that isn’t delivering results. And a steady stream of leads gives you a chance to build your practice, your name, and your reputation. Learning how to sign up clients and refine your pitch takes time, and now you are getting that chance in a low risk proposition.

2 – The Established Law Firm

You have an established practice, several attorneys, staff, and overhead. You know how to sign up clients, and you know the value of advertising. You probably have a reasonably successful website and a network of referrals that brings you steady leads and client inquiries.

The Problem

You have the ability to handle more business, or you are interested in shifting your practice into more criminal defense work. Your firm may be doing some lower value, less interesting legal gruntwork to keep your staff busy.

The Solution

Buying leads makes perfect sense for you. You have a well established system that you can use, develop, and expand if necessary. You already covering the overhead necessary to handle additional clients.

You know your business, you know how to sign up clients, and you know the value you are getting from the leads. You can easily measure the ROI you are getting from the leads. Most firms look for at least a 3 to 1 return on marketing investments, and you’ll know within a few short months what your average return will be.

When Is Buying Monthly Leads Not a Good Idea?

The reverse case for not buying leads is if you are not able to efficiently handle and monetize them. For small law firms, these considerations are particularly important.

To make effective use of the leads you are buying, you need:

  • A live person answering the phone. Business hours is a must, and a live voice nights and weekends can be a huge advance for criminal defense leads, especially if an attorney is able to answer the calls directly. An off hours answering service is also helpful. If a person doesn’t get a live voice, in many cases they will call someone else instead of leaving a message.

  • Promptly return calls. Night and weekend can be your best leads, since If someone has been arrested, and is going to court the next day, they want to speak to someone right away. In many cases, a person is willing to hire you on the spot if they believe you can help them out of a jam.

  • Ability to quickly sort through and prioritize lead contacts. In the criminal defense legal world, a reasonable percentage of the people who contact you are just looking for free advice, or maybe can’t afford your fees. You need to be prepared to deal with that in whatever manner you choose.

  • A System to Manage Leads – Some organization method, whether it is an online database, or even index cards, too keep track of the leads, when you need to call people back, and most importantly, measure how many calls/emails you are getting, and how many clients you are able to sign up for what the leads have cost you.

If are an attorney looking for criminal defense lawyer leads, please contact us.

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