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by admin on January 10, 2008

One alternative or adjunct to the hard work and expense of generating law firm leads online is to find attorneys or web sites that may be generating leads that they don’t want, or are more valuable to you, and make a deal for them.

There are real untapped opportunities for off the beaten path regional leads, as well as many narrow specialties.

For example, if you are a criminal defense lawyer in Western Virginia / Roanoke area, I’ve got a site that generates at least a few leads a month for Reckless Driving and other criminal charges.

I’m basically throwing those leads away since I don’t have the time it would take me to find a good local affiliate attorney to handle the relatively small number of inquiries for that area.

I would bet the situation is the same for many of the top ranked sites for “Virginia Reckless Driving lawyer”. So if I were an attorney in one of those less populous areas, I’d be contacting all those sites and try to cut a deal for the leads that are too far out for those attorneys to handle. There are probably enough overflow leads to keep an attorney quite busy.

Lawyers are well versed in the business of referrals, so it only makes sense to seek out those referrals where you can find them.

Note: this is part of my new year effort to work, think (and post) more about general marketing issues and insights, and not just pure Search Engine Marketing.

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