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When building any commercial site to generate business, it’s important to make the site about the customer/client, and not about you. This mistake is particularly common (it is practically an epidemic!) among lawyer websites.

The problem is at least partially driven by the cookie cutter sites sold and built by the big law info companies (Findlaw, et. al.). These sites are little more than generic brochures with little to no customized content other than a bio and C.V. of the attorneys.

Most importantly, they make little effort to inform their potential clients and answer any of the many questions that all clients have – questions these attorneys are probably asked all the time.  Instead, they settle for “I handle criminal defense and personal injury cases.” (Well, of course you do.)

Locally Targeted Criminal Defense Law Information

Locally Important Keywords

I make sure all of my criminal defense lawyer sites have unique content that reflects the local laws and local criminal law keywords. There are many interesting examples of localized criminal law keywords.

  • In New Jersey there are no Felonies under New Jersey Criminal Code – the equivalent serious charges are simply “Crimes”, and Misdemeanor level charges are “disorderly persons offenses” (and petty disorderly persons offenses). This information is critical both for search engine keyword value and for explaining the basic legal jargon to potential criminal defense clients in New Jersey.

  • Assault and Battery charges are categorized and classified in many different ways. Assault charges may be called aggravated assault, or assault with a deadly weapon. An assault offense may be separate from battery, where assault is the threat, and battery is the actual striking or injury. Or threats, or endangerment could be separate statutes entirely. And in Wisconsin and Indiana, there is no crime of “assault” only battery. (More on assault and battery laws.)

  • Property damage crimes in particular have a wide variety of different legal terms under state criminal laws, including Vandalism, Willful and Wanton Injury to Real Property, Criminal Damage, Malicious Damage, Malicious Destruction, and Criminal Mischief. [See more Criminal Damage to Property laws]

  • In California, there is drunk driving law allowing a charge reduction from a DUI to a “wet reckless“. It could be a reduction from a DWI, or any alcohol involved driving reckless driving incident below the legal limit is also charged as a wet reckless.

  • In Massachusetts, Reckless Driving is often called Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Whoever wrote the Massachusetts statutes apparently preferred the word “Operating” to “Driving”, which is why a DUI is an OUI there, too.

  • Restraining Orders are Protective orders in Tennessee and many other states. There are two different types of restraining orders in Arizona: Orders of Protections and Injections Against Harassment.

  • and many more…

Timely Keywords

Granted that the criminal statutes don’t change frequently, but it is important to update a site with the most current changes in the laws. Particularly those that potential clients might be searching for.

For example, at the beginning of 2009, Illinois added a new ignition interlock law for first offense drunk driving convictions. So what used to be a restricted license judicial driving permit (JDP) became a Monitoring Device Driver’s Permit (MDDP).

Another fairly new phrase entering the legal sphere is “sexting”. Though it isn’t a legal term, sexting, or sending sexually explicit photos of minors via a cell phone, or soliciting a minor for sex via text message can be serious criminal offenses.

Get The Right Traffic

Knowing the market is more than just keywords, it’s knowing where the traffic is, and what it is worth. For example, In Virginia, there is a booming business in Reckless Driving cases. Anyone driving more than 20 mph over the speed limit is cited with the criminal charge of reckless driving. There is a ton of traffic of people searching for that term.

And there are good solutions available. Hiring a reckless driving lawyer for under $1000 will save a person thousands of dollars in fines and insurance rate increases, not to mention keeping a criminal charge off your record! In most cases, it is simple for an attorney to get a reckless charge reduced to a civil penalty. Which brings us to benefits…

List the Benefits of Getting a Lawyer

I also make sure I give the website visitor some reason to call. I try to have some real world examples of legitimate defense strategies for each specific crime.

That’s especially true and helpful if there are specific local jurisdictional strategies that are particularly helpful. For example, many states have deferred prosecution  / deferred judgment laws, alternative sentence options, drugs court that emphasize treatment over punishment, special programs for juvenile offenders, and a host of other local state programs.

Some defense lawyers in different states will have the complete opposite advice, based on the state laws. A DUI Lawyer in Pennsylvania will tell you to agree to perform a breath test if the police require it, since there are harsh penalties for refusing it (a 1-year license suspension and the fact of the refusal can and will be used against you in court under PA law). However, an experienced Massachusetts lawyer will say it’s still better to refuse a breath test, since, under MA law, the evidence of the refusal cannot be used against you in court.

Even when you don’t have specific advice or court strategies, it’s helpful at least to mention general criminal defense techniques and terms – motion to suppress, illegal search and seizure, etc.

The point is, of course, to give the searcher a reason to pick up the phone and call.

Of course, it’s always great to work with lawyers with the best personal stories and experience. But any lawyer who knows what he or she is doing is a fountain of valuable information, and it does not make sense to hold this information back.

Any potential client will ask you many questions before they decide to hire you, so why not answer many of their questions on the website? This helps establish you as an authority before they’ve even spoken to you! Your criminal defense website is an invaluable pre-sales tools, as well as a lead generator.

A detailed, helpful, informative, and authoritative website, not only generates valuable leads, it creates a strongly favorable impression and establishes you as an expert in the field.

And if you are a bottom line, business results-oriented criminal defense attorney, buying criminal leads may be the solution for you. It is a way to instantly boost your criminal defense law practice with new clients.

Please contact us and we’ll tell you how we can grow your client list with economically efficient targeted marketing on the internet.

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