Lawyer Web Site Marketing

Web sites that generate new client leads.

You can get a web site for your law firm from a large legal reference sites, or one of thousands of local web designers.

So why choose High Steppin’ Searches for your law firm’s new or improved web site?

The difference is our ability to build a site that will generate real phone calls and leads. If all you need is a web site address to put on your business card, virtually anyone can do that. You probably have a cousin that can build you a web site.

But if your goal is to use the web as as powerful marketing tool to make your phone ring, you’ll want a company with experience that matters in your business.

  • We work almost exclusively with lawyers, so we know what matters to law firms and law firm clients.

  • We are experienced at Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  This means that we know exactly how people search for a lawyer on the web. And we’ll make your site the one that gets found in the searches, and will answer the right questions, so that person decided to call you instead of your competitor.

You need two things to have a successful web site:

  • Great content that users will respond to, so they will feel comfortable picking up the phone to call, and

  • A site that is highly visible in the search engines – or that great content will never be found!

Keep in mind that having a highly successful web site for your law firm does not mean that you need to have a massive presence and spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars up front. You aren’t competing with, you are competing with the lawyer down the street.

It’s simply about having a highly targeted approach to what your potential clients are out there searching for on the web.

We are currently highly focused, on building criminal defense lawyer, DUI lawyer and personal injury lawyer websites across the country that dominate the local market and generate a tremendous amount of business.

We at High Steppin’ Searches know exactly how to maximize lead generation from your site.

Please contact us and we’ll tell you how we can grow your client list by using what is still the most economical and efficient targeted marketing tool in the world: the internet and the web.

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