How Can I Rank? (SEO Get Rich Quick Schemes)

by admin on May 13, 2008

What can you do to get me to rank for “keyword x”? (and how much will it cost) is the classic question I get from people who thing they know what Search Engine Optimization is, but don’t know how it works, or what it’s about.

“I Have This Business Idea, I’m going to Start Doing X. Can You Get Me on Page 1?”

Quickly? Based on a half a page of content tacked on to your site? Umm, probably not.

Many people think SEO is a get rich quick scheme. If I just get this ranking, then I will instantly profit from it. And most people who think this haven’t done any keyword research or comparative analysis of the potential value and competitiveness of the keywords they are fixated on.

In addition, because I’ve had success getting rankings and traffic for clients, some of them think I can do anything. They think I am just waiting for an offer of enough money to work the magic.

In some sense, that’s probably true. If you throw enough money and effort at a site, you probably can get the rankings you want. But it many cases, that number well exceeds the business value of that traffic.

Are You Serious?

I think it is because SEO is perceived by some as a scheme, it can be easy to consider it detached from the real goals of your business – getting customers, and selling them services or goods, at a profit.

SEO/SEM needs to be just like any other marketing effort for a business. Either you are getting a return on your investment, or you aren’t. And it is hard for most people to get anywhere with online marketing without putting some thought, effort, and real business goals.

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