Go Negative!

by admin on May 4, 2007

I’ve always been a big fan of negative keywords in your PPC campaign. It can save you lots of money on wasted clicks for traffic you know isn’t targeting to what you are offering. Proper use of negative keywords will also boost your overall click through rate, which in turn can move up you ad placement in the listings. Win win!

I’m probably slow to this since I haven’t been doing many Adwords campaign updates lately, but the negative keywords option in the Google Adwords keyword tool is quite nice. Easy to use and highly recommended for everyone.

An example of a negative keyword I always use in my criminal defense lawyer campaigns is “-statistics”. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that someone who’s been arrested on a criminal charge and needs a lawyer doesn’t much care about crime statistics! That searcher almost certainly is doing some kind of research, and it not my target customer.

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