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by admin on April 1, 2008

Since I’m primarily focused on the end result of generating leads, and not so much the tactic of SEO/SEM these days, I put up a new page about lead generation for criminal defense lawyers. I talk about what kind of lawyer or law firm is a good candidate for buying leads directly.

The basic point is that if you already have the infrastructure and overhead to manage more client inquiries and handle more clients, it makes perfect sense to buy any leads for which you can generate a return on investment. This certainly would apply to any small business, but the law field is where I’m focused, and most criminal defense law firms are small firms with just a few lawyers, or sole practitioners.

I don’t think analyzing ROI is some brilliant insight, but I am constantly amazed how many people I talk to can easily lose sight of the big picture.

Especially when practically everyone in business is spammed with emails about “getting you on the top of google..”, etc. As everyone in the internet marketing business knows, virtually all of these are scams or empty promises.

Buying leads is a relatively low risk opportunity as long as you aren’t locked into a long term contract. Calculating ROI is as simple as can be, and you’ll know within a month or two, and often much sooner, whether the leads you are buying make any financial sense.

For new clients, we even give them at least two weeks of free leads, so they can determine for themselves the quality and value of the service we provide, with no risk.

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