Choosing a Domain Name for a Lawyer Site

by admin on January 15, 2008

I largely agree with what David Ward says on the topic of law firm domain names, but he goes off the rails at the end.

If one of your goals is brand building, and for most attorneys it should be, that you want as simple and memorable as possible. That generally means still with .com only, and don’t use any hyphens, since no one will remember them if they try to type it in.

I very much like keyword based domains, like, but good names like that are often unavailable. Incorporating your firm name or initials will usually net you an available domain, so if your initials are NJF, is a workable domain. A well targeted keyword in your domain helps it stand out on a page of search results.

For most people, I would not recommend multiple domain names pointing to the same site. There are many ways for this to be done incorrectly that can hurt you in search engine rankings, if they aren’t configured properly as a permanent 301 redirect.

There many be a few good reasons to have multiple domains for a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, but that also strikes me as a very advanced strategy where you can easily go wrong.

And adding misspellings as keywords in a PPC campaign is fine, but is crazy for domain names, unless you are in an extremely rarefied and highly competitive area.

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