Broad Inclusion PPC

by admin on May 22, 2005

I had a client ask me to review an existing pay-per-click campaign on Looksmart. They were spending over a hundred dollars a month on PPC ads there. I thought that sounded pretty fishy – I didn’t think it was possible to spend that much on Looksmart, which only shows its ads on some fairly small search engines, such as Wisenut, and other niche directory and portal sites. Especially given that they are advertising a regional, niche product.

Sure enough, most of the clicks were going to broadly matched “Inclusion Targeted Listings” – ads that show anywhere Looksmart may decide to show them, based on any words in the ad. It was clear that this advertising was probably entirely useless in this case. The specific keyword targeted traffic that was actually worthwhile was only adding up to a couple of bucks per month.

Pay-Per-Click advertising may be the most economical and efficient way to reach new customers, but it is still quite possible to waste your money!

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