Traffic Building – Link Building for 2006

February 16, 2006

Nice thread cited on link building vs. traffic building.

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The Value of Links & Exchanges.

February 15, 2006

Links are still critical to any site. The gold standard of links in to your site is one-way links from respected “authority” sites. A quality one-way link is often unsolicited, and is something you can usually only get by having great content or information to which others actually want to link. Search Engine experts generally […]

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SEO is Dead

November 16, 2005

…at least in the traditional sense. There will always been Search Engine Marketing, at least for the foreseeable future, and Search Engine Optimization techniques will continue to be important in getting a quality site to rank well. But, any expectation of search engine optimization where you can simply shuffle around keywords and title tags, and […]

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More comments on Multiple OUI Offense Hysteria

October 27, 2005
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Melanie’s Law

September 24, 2005

Massachusetts DUI Attorney Russell Matson comments on the proposed changes to drunk driving laws.

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Search Engine Submissions?

June 20, 2005

Whenever I get spam from companies claiming to boost your web traffic, they almost always talk about Search Engine Submissions. “We’ll submit your site to all the major search engines”. I even see Many SEO firms list search engine submissions as one of their key services. All of which makes absolutely no sense, since anyone […]

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A Broad Search Engine Marketing Overview

June 8, 2005

I wrote this for a lawyer newsletter. — Effective Search Marketing With Your Web Site Your web site is not about you. If the goal of your site is to find clients and generate business, everything about your site should be with that client in mind. When someone brings up Google or Yahoo to search, […]

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Broad Inclusion PPC

May 22, 2005

I had a client ask me to review an existing pay-per-click campaign on Looksmart. They were spending over a hundred dollars a month on PPC ads there. I thought that sounded pretty fishy – I didn’t think it was possible to spend that much on Looksmart, which only shows its ads on some fairly small […]

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Linking Strategies in 2005

February 3, 2005

Interesting article on Natural vs. Artificial Links. I agree with most of the points listed, and I have been trying to employ many of these strategies myself. Certainly directory listings and other one way links (especially from topical sites) are extremely helpful, and appear more “natural”. I still believe in reciprocal links from relevant & […]

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Title Tags and link exchanges

October 28, 2004

I just got a link exchange request, where the requestee was a legal site, and was asking for a link title of “Colorado DUI Gunslinger”. Links are, of course, what makes the internet work. Link titles, or link text, which is the piece of text attached to the link, like this, is critical for Search […]

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