What is a Lawyer Domain Worth?

April 29, 2008

I was recently approached about buying a domain. It is a pretty good, narrowly targeted domain name. But what is it worth? This is a difficult question to answer, and it depends on a number of factors. Open Market Value There is a huge market in domain names. They are bought and sold on specialized […]

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News Flash: Lawyer PPC avertising is expensive, part 54

April 5, 2008

Interesting discussion in the Austin criminal defense blogging community about PPC (Pay Per Click) and online advertising budgets. The cost and value of leads is something I spend a lot of time analyzing. While PPC can certainly be a great way to market your services, it is also very easy to spend it poorly. I […]

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Lead Generation

April 1, 2008

Since I’m primarily focused on the end result of generating leads, and not so much the tactic of SEO/SEM these days, I put up a new page about lead generation for criminal defense lawyers. I talk about what kind of lawyer or law firm is a good candidate for buying leads directly. The basic point […]

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Choosing a Domain Name for a Lawyer Site

January 15, 2008

I largely agree with what David Ward says on the topic of law firm domain names, but he goes off the rails at the end. If one of your goals is brand building, and for most attorneys it should be, that you want as simple and memorable as possible. That generally means still with .com […]

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Lawyers in Search of Leads – Go Make a Deal

January 10, 2008

One alternative or adjunct to the hard work and expense of generating law firm leads online is to find attorneys or web sites that may be generating leads that they don’t want, or are more valuable to you, and make a deal for them. There are real untapped opportunities for off the beaten path regional […]

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News Flash: Lawyer Pay Per Click Advertising is expensive

December 11, 2007

Typical article in the New York Times about what everyone in the online lawyer marketing world already knows – many PPC search terms are expensive. There was much bemusement that personal injury terms and particularly the phrase “mesothelioma attorney” can go for over $50/click. The implications are that there was something unsavory and/or strange about […]

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Question of the Week – How Does Google Rank a Site?

June 30, 2007

Q: For purposes of a websites organic listing, is it only the content and relevancy of the landing page or does google look at the content and relevancy of the entire website? Do I need to just build out my homepage or do I need to build out the entire website in order to increase […]

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Google Conspiracy Theories

June 2, 2007

I recently had a conversation with someone who expressed a view that there are magical, secret techniques for getting top google rankings. Big companies allegedly pay millions of dollars a year for this information and access. And some SEO firms who are “in the know” can also make this happen. One piece of evidence was […]

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SEO v. Web Site Design

May 27, 2007

Nick at Search Engine Optimization Journal says: “OK, back to the beaten path: SEO requires hours of research. Web design doesn’t. Your web design company does not have to research keywords, competition, or anything else to make your website look pretty. But pretty won’t make you money. Your SEO will affect your bottom line a […]

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Good News story on PPC ads

May 24, 2007

It hits many of my favorite PPC tips – negative keywords, use keywords in ad copy, content matching turned off. It works! PAY-PER-CLICK PROBLEMS: Emeryville gourmet chocolate company has a rough go of it H/T Aaron

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